HyperX Double Shot PBT Keys

Aron Schatz
September 10, 2019
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Double Shot PBT Keycaps
HyperX Double Shot PBT Keys
If you already invested in a mechanical keyboard and want that extra bit of customization, the HyperX Double Shot PBT keycaps are a good choice.

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Final Verdict

The HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps retail for about $20 (Amazon) at the time of this review. You owe it to yourself to check out the video for these keys in action. They look nice, there's no question about that. The PBT keys feel nice and function as you would expect keys to work. Replacing the old keys with the PBT caused no detriment to typing, other than the weird font. The other minus is the lack of functions that each key does. For instance, the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB supports volume up and down via FN and a F key, but you wouldn't know it from the new keycaps.

This is for the type of person that wants to customize their equipment. We aren't going to tell you to run out and by new keycaps if you are happy with what you have. This is for the consumer that wants that extra bit of flare. Visually, the PBT keycaps are more noticeable than the traditional opaque keys. If you want to have the customized look in your keyboard, the HyperX PBT keycaps are for you. You just have to go through and replace all the individual keys on your keyboard to have it.

ASE Publishing would like to thank HyperX for making this review possible.
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